Trophies History

This chapter is all about trophies, and how they were obtained as the seasons progressed.

The ADVERTISER KNOCK OUT CUP was an old trophy given to us by the advertiser in the summer of 1967. This was given to us by  G SEWELL who was the sports editor of the Advertiser at the time. This was a trophy which needed renovating due to it being at the advertiser offices for numerous years tucked away in a cupboard! The advertiser at that time was based near the clock in the town centre. The trophy was renovated at ‘LOWES JEWELLERY on Effingham street. The cup runner up shield has never had a name on as such and was bought by the Sunday league for that purpose.

The premier division winners was given to us by the Wickersley wmc, who's secretary was a one armed man called STAN HASNIP who died while being secretary of that club. At this time the trophy was to be called the STAN HASNIP ROSE BOWL. Originally it had two handles on, but due to the handles always being broken they were dispensed with. In the 1966 season a league started at MALTBY [THE MALTBY SUNDAY LEAGUE] this folded after some two seasons and all the clubs aligned to that league joined this league. This meant taking on board quality teams ‘JOKER  FC and QUEENS HOTEL. As a result of this we inherited two trophies used as ‘MALTBY SUNDAY CUP’ Division One runners up, which became Premier division runners up award. In the early days also stalwarts of local football had been dealing with us and offered very good advice at the time. Out of this came a trophy with great history - this being a donation by ERNIE PORTMAN who had discovered a shield last used in 1931 for a cricket tournament and this was used for division one winners, and THE C EDGE TROPHY used for runner up Division One. Division two awards were purchased with discount from SCHOFIELDS  of SHEFFIELD who for many years cleaned and engraved all these trophies for us [thanks to Joe] these trophies have never been named to this day. JOE WOODGERS CHAIN WORKS supplied us with division three winners trophies in memory of his father. Joe was a well known footballer in this league and played top class football for many of our best teams in the late 60’s.

The headquarters of this league for many years was the MILLMOOR HOTEL and the landlord at that time donated a trophy for division three runners up the D DARWEN TROPHY. Aas stated in Chapter one JACK COX being the chairman at this time donated a trophy from himself used for the Division 4 Winners, and a cup donated by ROTHERHAM TRANSPORT used for Division five winners. During the early years ALBION ROAD WMC were one of the better known teams in this league and a trophy was given by them for use as runner up in division five. In division four runners up a person TOMMY DANFORD died while being a part of RED LION FC and a trophy was given to us in his memory. In later years a well known person REX BEASLEY also died and a trophy was donated by his widow to this league to be used as division six winners. After all this time which occurred over may season and as the league grew these trophies become part of the league structure, and though some interim trophies were used the trophies mentioned were to become the basis of our cup and awards, Not mentioned above were other trophies re division six runner up division seven and division eight winners and runners up and recently division nine winners and runners up which had been purchased but does not have the name on the trophy. Finally I must mention the trophies for individual team awards and club awards, in the early days we shopped around for trophies and some years got a good deal and some years not, which led us to finally go to GERRY YOUNG TROPHIES which for many years had excellent trophies. Still he could not cater for the amount we required, we are therefore at this time using SHEFFIELD TROPHY CENTRE, and we have various trophies given to us by them. We had the SUPPLIMENTARY CUP AWARDS, and a new KNOCK OUT CUP TROPHY. Up to this time all trophies are being looked at in view of replenishing them with new ones, but the names on trophies will remain the same

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