The season began with an injection of clubs wishing to play Sunday football. We lost one club from the previous season SLAG REDUCTION who withdrew. We did end up having an increase of clubs to a total of 36 forming three divisions. The league was brimming with clubs who were to become quality sides in years to come.

DONFIELD TAVERN with Harry Oldfield who became a character in local football circles. This team also boasted quality players including PETE ROBERTS.

ASTON HALL who seemingly had a pick of Sheffield players.

CARTERS REST who had a few good years with the league.

SPURLEY HEY OLD BOYS, who had numerous young players and played exciting football. In their ranks were several promising players which included RICHARD FINNEY who went on to become a ROTHERHAM UNITED player.

FEATHER LAYNE who were run by ‘BRONCO’ LAYNE a renown SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY centre forward and finally....

EFFINGHAM ARMS who were to be a force in the league in later seasons.

In the scoring stakes ASTON HALL won their first two games with 10 goals each game. They actually finished third in  division one that season and due to some rules not now in force did not play all its fixtures due to REDIFFUSION FC withdrawing from that division. Because they did not complete their fixtures they ended up being deprived of a chance of second place because of this fact. EFFINGHAM ARMS  FC were the top scorers in the league with a 17-0 win against TRANSPORT FC in the very first match they took part in. Division three winners were shared this season between ALBION ROAD WMC and HAYNOOK  FC, with identical goal difference and both clubs agreed to share rather than have a play off. JACKSONS SPORTS were the team to concede most goals with 170 against their name , but still did not finish bottom of division two, that went to LISTERDALE FC. DONFIELD TAVERN were the cup winners and division two champions with division one again dominated by winners EASTWOOD HOTEL and runners up CLIFTON  HOTEL. On the disciplinary front some fines were raised and the small fines were in old money..... 2/6p.

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